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Financial Planning, Asset Management and Investment Beliefs:

I Believe:

  1. Most investors will live longer than they think.
  2. Most investors will not be able to live on earnings only.
  3. Most investors will need to dip into principal over their lifetimes.
  4. Most investors do not have nor do they stick to a retirement budget.
  5. Most investors spend all income they receive.
  6. Most investors do not stick to their plan.
  7. Most investors need a greater rate of return than can be provided by banks or the bond market.
  8. As a result - most investors need some level of investment in the stock market.
  9. Most investors do not have the patience for the ups and downs of the stock market.
  10. Most investors are too emotional about the ups and downs of the stock market.
  11. Most investors let their emotions control investment decisions.
  12. Most investors have been told two things about the market: A. Buy and hold for the long term, B. Buy low and sell high
  13. You cannot do both the items in #12 at the same time.
  14. Buy and hold investing and traditional asset allocation only works in up markets.
  15. Traditional asset allocation does not consider cash a useful asset.
  16. One of the best assets to own in a down market is cash.
  17. All investors are losing compounding periods every day.
  18. Being invested during major market declines is far worse than missing some of a market advance.
  19. Older investors do not have enough time to wait for stock investments to recover from major declines.
  20. Retired investors do not realize the compound impact of a major market decline while withdrawing funds to live on.
  21. Volatility of returns has more impact in financial success than most investors realize.
  22. It is better to miss some upside than be fully invested in a down market.
  23. Rules based investment management reduces the chances of making wrong decisions.
  24. Nothing is perfect, safe, free, guaranteed, complete, accurate or forever.